When I was a little boy, I had a baby piglet given to me. I raised it as a pet over a year, and loved it so. One day, I woke up, and I heard it squealing, but I didn’t mind it, as its always getting scared of the chickens in my backyard. Later at dinner, I tried to give my leftovers to my pet pig, and I couldn’t find him. I then realized that I ate him because my family killed him for food. Shocked, traumatized, crying, I literally wanted to kill them. This series is based on the aftermath of a traumatized boy, in the future, getting revenge. He hasn’t eaten meat since, and despises carnivores. He will inflict the pain into humans that animals have suffered to become meals. The strawberries symbolize the inners of the human body, more specifically, the heart. They are butchered, sliced, and beaten like the meat of an animal. The boys hate of humans increases after each killing, and results in cannibalism. Children with traumatized memories are usually the ones that end up with haunting futures, and I wanted to show the cause and effect of a traumatized child. These photos are in order in the way the story goes.
Strawberry Massacre Series //

By Ruberman Rodriguez  By Ruberman Rodriguez  By Ruberman Rodriguez  By Ruberman Rodriguez By Ruberman Rodriguez  By Ruberman Rodriguez 
(c) Ruberman Rodriguez