When I was little, I thought I would gain super powers at a certain age. I believed in angels and thought I would possess the power to fly. I believed in evil. I am in no way a traditional photographer. I use various mediums of editing within the photo to create my final piece. I am not here to show reality, nor do my photos portray it. Within each piece shows a different parallel world within our own world. One that is only accessible through imagination. Ones imagination that has been corrupted, with the vision of a child. The characters I portray in my photos define me as a whole. The exterior is nothing. We show very little of who we are and how we think. The only way to show that hidden emotion is though art its self. From murder, to horror, to depression, to love, to betrayal, to fantasy, each holds a piece of me. Asides from my portraiture, I photograph animals and redefine what a photo of an animal looks like. Each has their own set of characteristics and colors, to portray a certain painterly feel -

(c) Ruberman Rodriguez


By Ruberman Rodriguez